New Cryosyncopy album – Black Ocean: download free

Cryosyncopy - Black Ocean

Cryosyncopy is back with a new album, the first in two years for the project. Black Ocean combines the moody, spacious, picturesque sound of debut album Recollection of Lost Fragments with the gritty cyberpunk beats and structures of side project Mushin. The effect is like listening to the sinister, technology pervaded world of Frank Herbert’s Dune or William Gibson’s Neuromancer novel.

Download or stream (via bandcamp) from Cryosyncopy’s page @ hi.arc.tow


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This album is provided as a free Creative Commons licensed download by HI.ARC.TOW. This makes it free to download and to redistribute.

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HI ARC TOW Presents: Khand

Khand - Interstellar Dominions

Khand is a one-man cosmic ambient project from Boston MA. Fusing themes of the ancient world and space into journey-like fantasy music, Khand resembles the classic progressive ambience of Tangerine Dream and Neptune Towers shaded with the cavernous ritualistic aura of Endura or Raison D’Etre.

HI ARC TOW interview with

We recently did an interview with Irish music website, discussing the future of digital music and of hi arc tow.

heres a few excerpts:

I think standards have fallen. I don’t think we as a public meant to get here, its a situation we arrived at without really planning or expecting it. We live in a time that’s post counter-culture and post even counter-counter culture. Ours is a generation of people who have nothing to say about life because all they know of it is filtered through internet/television/technology and a dysfunctionally mediocre school system.

Digital/download has widened access for people to music that they would not necessarily have heard before but also helped widen the access of music to people that just wouldn’t have been able to get that far when labels and record buying determined a basic benchmark of competence before something could be released.

Read the full interview here

Mushin/Cryosyncopy Bandcamp page goes live

A joint Bandcamp page for Mushin/Cryosyncopy is now online at This means that, like Beithíoch, you can now stream music from both these projects over at their respect pages on this site as well as avail of the existing downloads.

High-quality Beithíoch streams at

Beithíoch has just launched a page at On it you can stream high quality versions of Beithíoch’s album Aisling Dhorcha and mini-album An Sealgaire. Downloads aren’t currently not active on there, but the possibility of purchasable downloads of FLACs & WAVs is being considered. Even better, click on Beithíoch’s page on this site and you’ll see Flash players for both albums, so you don’t even need to head over to the Bandcamp site to stream them.

Also, Beithíoch has updated the mix on a couple of the tracks on An Sealgaire, keeping them raw but bringing out the guitar riffs a little better. You can hear the new mixes over at or download them on Beithíoch’s page on this site.

New site design

We’ve updated the site design. Hopefully you’ll agree we’ve made it alot smarter. It should fit better now on all screen resolutions.

If you have any problems with it drop us an email via the contact page or by: info [AT] hiarctow [DOT] com

New year, new site design, new music coming soon….

Beithíoch interview with A Dead Spot Of Light zine

a new interview with Beithíoch can be found in the latest issue of A Dead Spot Of Light zine.

Heres a few choice cuts:

Black metal has drowned in a glut of its own clichés, what may have meant something on Immortal’s first couple of albums doesn’t mean anything anymore through sheer over-saturation.

Classical music influenced alot of the input on Aisling Dhorcha. The best albums are written like symphonies, with a sense of what overall journey the work will take you on. All of the classics by Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Ildjarn etc feel like they are designed to take you somewhere rather than just be collections of random songs.

The hardest thing has been getting some people interested in music that they’re getting for free digitally. I understand why zines especially ignore such things when it comes there way – because its usually some worthless bedroom band. But its dogmatic nonsense to not give the music a chance if it is well presented and thought out, just because it’s not on a physical format.

It’s also no secret really that most of black metal’s audience these days has grown out of illegal downloads, so
why not just bypass the pretence, save the money and plastic used on CDs and just give it to the audience

Read the Zine for free here

House-keeping: Cryosyncopy

Part of our mission statement is to foster the development of good art. This means providing a platform for emergent art with interesting ideas and exposing it to the scrutiny afforded to bands with greater industry backing – but without the bloviation or commercial clout that can keep turds afloat in that particular musical pool. This also means that whilst successes are possible and down entirely to the quality of the work, risks can be taken and mistakes can legitimately be made.

This is an admission we’ve made before regarding works we’ve hosted and the artists responsible have on occasion decided to either edit the work or cut it all-together.

This time round it’s the turn of Cryosyncopy to come under such scrutiny. As a result, and by mutual decision, we’ve taken down the album Black Sea from the site. Audience reception indicated the work was not a success (though that’s not to say the audience should always be taken as a yardstick for artistic success), just as hindsight has revealed how much more the artist could accomplish in a similar stylistic vein (see Mushin for proof).

Neither we nor the artist have any regrets about backing the work in the first place. Why should we? better to try, fail and grow from it than to never try at all. This is the only way to develop artistically. We’re thankful for people taking the time to listen and evaluate.

Stay ‘tuned’ for more new music soon from hiarctow.

Síol Na Gréine – Adhradh: Download for free

Adhradh, the new album from Síol Na Gréine, is available now as a free Creative Commons licensed download.

Continuing the narrative, motivic approach to ambient music found on preceding album Nihil, Adhradh pares back to a soundworld of contemplative austerity that is both calming and cathartic.

The accompanying visual art is by photographer/graphic artist Apostol (




Front cover

Síol Na Gréine homepage @ Hi.Arc.Tow


About Creative Commons

This album is provided as a free Creative Commons licensed download by HI.ARC.TOW. This makes it free to download and to redistribute.

Abhorrent MP3 download

Intricate, intense death metal from San Antonio, Texas. Just about the only exciting prospect in death metal these days.

Download MP3 of Abhorrent track “Metaphysical Tyranny”

Abhorrent are looking for a vocalist. If you think you’re up for it contact them here:
Abhorrent @ Myspace

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Cryosyncopy : New album Culmination 3 out now

December 22, 2015

Crtyosyncopy - Culmination 3: The Dark Path

Cryosyncopy is back with a new album to round out the year for HI ARC TOW. Culmination 3: The Dark Path takes the electro-industrial/ambient style of Culmination 1 & 2 further into the realms of neoclassical, literary inspired music. […]

Beithíoch : New album Conquest out now

Beithíoch : New album Conquest out now

Here it is at last: the new Beithíoch album Conquest. Available to stream in full for free as well as purchase in both CD and digital formats from beithioch. […]

HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation – Released now on Digipak and Download

The HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation CD is out now. This release marks both the first independent physical release by HI ARC TOW and our first multi-artist collaboration. The compilation brings together artists from both Europe and North America in the creation of an album’s worth of eery, immersive ambient music – with each artist bringing their own distinctive style and interests to the record. […]

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

HI ARC TOW presents the long-awaited return of ambient cosmonaut Khand. The Fires of Celestial Ardour consists of ten pieces of deliciously neoclassical synth-ambient that take the listener on a journey through lonesome, starlit expanses. For fans of Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, Raison D’Etre, Endura, Mortiis, Nox Arcana, Ildjarn. […]

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news
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