New Beithíoch release: Storms of War - released 12th October 2017.

Thematically the EP focuses on war, mortality and remembrance, with particular inspiration drawn from the First World War, which we are now a century on from. The EP will consist of 4 tracks, 20+ minutes of music. Two metal, two ambient tracks.

It will be released as a download on Beithíoch's Bandcamp page on October 12th, coinciding with the centenary of the First Battle of Passchendaele.

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The new album from Irish black metal project Beithíoch.

"...a dynamic and compelling evolution in the band’s sound."
- No Clean Singing

"...a haunting, hellish experience that seems to permeate the mind and soul."
- Metal Trenches

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The new Cryosyncopy album for 2017.

Sci-Fi influenced electronic industrial, with elements of techno and dark ambient.

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Featuring Síol Na Gréine, Goatcraft, Khand & more. Available on CD and download.


The 2015 album from Beithíoch, available to download and on CD. 

"...tenebrous, bottom dwelling, black souled stuff that has that hard to define but ever present Lovecratfian dread."
- Metal Ireland

Listen and download/purchase at:

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