One-man cosmic ambient project from the USA. Started in 1998 with the aim of fusing ambient, keyboard and neoclassical aesthetics, Khand takes in influences from the ancient world, space and epic fantasy literature, creating lush sonic reveries that invite the listener to imagine lonely distant worlds.

Khand at Bandcamp

Featured on the new HI ARC TOW Ambient Music Compilation.

Tape version of The Fires of Celestial Ardour & Interstellar Dominions available from Rotten Shape Recordings

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1. The Majestic Court and Jester
2. The Ice Caverns of Kelmdoria
3. Frost Mage
4. Unforeseen Truths
5. Library of the Antediluvian World
6. Lyran War
7. Clandestine Forge
8. Bête Noire
9. Forsaken Planet
10. Rigel, A Journey’s End

Download The Fires of Celestial Ardour (RAR archived MP3) here

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1. Journey to Gransu
2. Satanic Machine
3. Loki’s Revenge
4. Extermination
5. Interstellar Dominions
6. The Crystalline Citadel

Download Interstellar Dominions (RAR archived MP3) here