(pronounced: Bay-EE-yuck) Ancient-obsessed Black/Doom/Death Metal from Ireland’s north-west. ‘Beithíoch’ (meaning ‘animal/beast’) represents the instinctive and terrible in man.

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New album Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten out now – available on CD and download here.

Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten (2016)


Conquest (2015)


Summoning the Past (2012)

Download Summoning the Past (RAR archived MP3) here
Download the full version of this release from Bandcamp.com
The full version of Summoning the Past (including an added 18 minutes of extra material) can be downloaded in various high quality formats from Beithíoch’s Bandcamp page for 2.50 euro. Alternatively, the mini album sans bonus material can be downloaded in MP3 here.


Aisling Dhorcha (2008)

Download, or purchase Aisling Dhorcha on CD here

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