Archaic, Irish Black Metal/Death Metal from the north-west of Ireland. Beithíoch (meaning ‘beast’) represents the instinctive and terrible in man.

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Storms of War is 20+ minutes of dark, epic metal & brooding ambience in a haunting rumination on war and remembrance. Released 12th October 2017, to coincide with the centenary of the First Battle of Passchendaele.

“a groaning, stomping, titanic crusher…”
– No Clean Singing

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“Ghosts represents a dynamic and compelling evolution in the band’s sound, even as compared to Conquest.”
– No Clean Singing

“Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten lives up to its name. It is a haunting, hellish experience that seems to permeate the mind and soul.”
– Metal Trenches

“Conscious experiments in counterpoint abound, at times manifesting a rustic Neapolitan aspect, at others, a cinematic ambience; in the process is cultivated a rare sensuous and intellectually-stimulating experience that does no ill favour to Beithioch‘s credentials and aspirations as a metal band worth seriously investing in.”
– Old Disgruntled Bastard

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Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten (Irish black metal)

Conquest (2015)

“Conquest is the sound of warriors riding each other down in limbo, forever reenacting battles long since over.” 
– Metal Trenches 

“…tenebrous, bottom dwelling, black souled stuff that has that hard to define but ever present Lovecratfian dread in it.” 
– Metal Ireland 

“I find myself lost amid the rush toward battle and the glacially slow passages that feel like standing at a cliff overlooking endless seas.” 
– Black Metal and Brews 

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Aisling Dhorcha (2008)

Aisling Dhorcha means ‘A Dark Dream Vision’, and is a story about overcoming darkness and the symbolic rebirth of the light. 

An ‘Aisling’ is an ancient form of epic poem in the Irish language. The poems take the form of a dream with prophetic overtones in which the dreamer is visited by the image of an otherworldly woman. 

In Aisling Dhorcha the story begins with an ancient, terrible voice calling to the protagonist. They follow the voice and fall into a dream, passing into another world – one in which the true darkness of the real world is revealed to them. They have learned the truth of life and death, but it sickens them with a deep fear which they must learn to overcome.

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