Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are you giving away music for free?
  2. Will you host my band’s music?
  3. Can I use your music in my own project?
  4. Why does your site not load properly for me?
  5. What is a RAR file?
  6. What social media can I find you on?

Question: Why are you giving away music for free?


As far as getting people to hear new music goes this must be the quickest, surest and widest distributing method. The artists that choose to put their music on as a free download are not out to make a profit from their music first and foremost – although the act of giving it away as a free download is by no means necessarily a barrier to the artist making money through other means (eg. physical releases, merchandise, gigs); if done right it can actually help.

Above all, the goal that unites them and us is art; but since a turd with a sticker on it can be ‘art’ we mean better art, that is both proficient and relevant to our lives. Making quality art and giving it out free also helps get around a lot of the bullshit associated with modern music marketing and distributing and cuts straight to promoting the music on the basis of nothing other than what it stands as a work of art.

Its not our policy that all bands we host will give their music away free, but some will. If you are one of the few who can see past the money = value control meme, give us a listen.

Question: Will you host my band’s music?


We are always looking for new, great music- whatever the style, and we love sharing our love for that music with the world.

If you want to see your music hosted on this site, or would like us to give your music a mention then get in touch.

Email us ( or send us a message via our contact page, with a link to your music, and we will get back to you.

Question: Can I use your music in my own project?


All work available from the HIARCTOW website for free download is shared under a Creative Commons license. This makes it free to share (to copy, distribute and transmit the work), and to remix (to adapt the work), provided you properly attribute the artists and do not exploit the work for commercial purposes, unless given permission.

As a matter of courtesy at least, it’s probably best to contact the artist in question and let them know what you’d like to do with their work. Artist contact can be established by either dropping us an email (, which we can then pass on, or by sending a message to the artist’s personal page on Facebook, Bandcamp etc.

Question: Why does your site not load properly for me?


Hi, welcome to the 21st century. It appears that you are using an out of date browser to view a site that it can’t really handle. Might we recommend replacing it with Firefox ( or Opera (…? Although, anything that isn’t Internet Explorer will more than likely be an improvement.

Question: What is a RAR file?


.Rar files are compressed file archives. This means they can contain multiple files at a fraction of their original size in just one file. We use them to pack entire albums into one easily downloadable file. To unpack the RAR file you need WinRar – which you can download for free here at:

Question: What social media can I find you on?


You can find HIARCTOW at:

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