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Why Listen to Metal

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Metal music by focusing on the bigger things — and by having an often ruthlessly dark sense of humour about human frailty — reminds me of the bigger questions in life and reflects the topics I think are really worth talking about.


For me, what begins as a question of why someone would listen to Ildjarn and not The Smiths ultimately boils down to how one views the world: either to see everything as knowable and within the grasp of human understanding, if we only figure out the maths behind it; or through the metal lens – which views humans as tiny, arrogant and probably doomed. The former to me seems painfully dull and conformist, whilst the latter is dangerous but leaves plenty of possibilities open and ready to be explored.

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Email working again

Email sorted.

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Site back online

The site is back online after some issues with the hosts, that have thankfully now been resolved. As a result, a couple of old news items have been lost and the FAQ page needs to be rebuilt. There seems to be a couple of issues with the email as well, so if you’ve sent anything to us over the last few days and haven’t gotten a reply that is probably why. Failing email, we can be contacted at our facebook page.

A huge thank you to site admin Mathew Augustus for his work getting things up and running again. New music soon!

New site design

We’ve updated the site design. Hopefully you’ll agree we’ve made it alot smarter. It should fit better now on all screen resolutions.

If you have any problems with it drop us an email via the contact page or by: info [AT] hiarctow [DOT] com

New year, new site design, new music coming soon….

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Email is working again, we’re working on the backlog. Apologies its taken so long but we’re all insanely busy people. Thank you for your patience.

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Cryosyncopy : New album Culmination 3 out now

December 22, 2015

Crtyosyncopy - Culmination 3: The Dark Path

Cryosyncopy is back with a new album to round out the year for HI ARC TOW. Culmination 3: The Dark Path takes the electro-industrial/ambient style of Culmination 1 & 2 further into the realms of neoclassical, literary inspired music. […]

Beithíoch : New album Conquest out now

Beithíoch : New album Conquest out now

Here it is at last: the new Beithíoch album Conquest. Available to stream in full for free as well as purchase in both CD and digital formats from beithioch. […]

HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation – Released now on Digipak and Download

The HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation CD is out now. This release marks both the first independent physical release by HI ARC TOW and our first multi-artist collaboration. The compilation brings together artists from both Europe and North America in the creation of an album’s worth of eery, immersive ambient music – with each artist bringing their own distinctive style and interests to the record. […]

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

HI ARC TOW presents the long-awaited return of ambient cosmonaut Khand. The Fires of Celestial Ardour consists of ten pieces of deliciously neoclassical synth-ambient that take the listener on a journey through lonesome, starlit expanses. For fans of Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, Raison D’Etre, Endura, Mortiis, Nox Arcana, Ildjarn. […]

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news
A CD digipack version of Absvrdist's new album Illusory can now be purchased by emailing […]