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Cryosyncopy: New album Artificial Empire out now


Cryosyncopy is back with a new album for 2017. Artificial Empire returns to the Sci Fi influenced themes of earlier albums, introduces some of the IDM/psy influences of side project Mushin, all while retaining the characteristic metallic industrial style of Cryosyncopy.

The album can be streamed in its entirety below or downloaded free and legally from

HI ARC TOW presents: Monkey With Car Keys

Monkey With Car Keys - Filament in Strata

Monkey With Car Keys is an electronic music side project of Irish soundscapers Síol Na Gréine, presenting a full-length album for free download @

Filament in Strata is a bit of an eclectic collection (and probably a one off), mixing DnB, IDM, ambient, techno and even the odd shade of synthpop. Unifying the whole thing is a sense of structure as something that emerges from the increasing layers of electronic ‘orchestration’; similar maybe to what Austrian metal band Summoning do, but put into a different genre.

Somehow I want all this to express a bit more of the dumb delight I get out of just seeing the little things in the world and thinking about them in the bigger complex picture of reality: Like a musical equivalent of looking at something up close and gradually zooming out to see how it connects to everything else.”

Continuing the HI ARC TOW obsession with William Gibson (and probably topping it off) the album’s title is taken from a chapter in Gibson‘s novel Mona-Lisa Overdrive, whilst the final track of the album Chiba City Blues is the title of the first chapter in his classic Neuromancer.

Listen to Monkey With Car Keys’ new album Filament in Strata here

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Cryosyncopy : New album Culmination 3 out now

December 22, 2015

Crtyosyncopy - Culmination 3: The Dark Path

Cryosyncopy is back with a new album to round out the year for HI ARC TOW. Culmination 3: The Dark Path takes the electro-industrial/ambient style of Culmination 1 & 2 further into the realms of neoclassical, literary inspired music. […]

Beithíoch : New album Conquest out now

Beithíoch : New album Conquest out now

Here it is at last: the new Beithíoch album Conquest. Available to stream in full for free as well as purchase in both CD and digital formats from beithioch. […]

HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation – Released now on Digipak and Download

The HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation CD is out now. This release marks both the first independent physical release by HI ARC TOW and our first multi-artist collaboration. The compilation brings together artists from both Europe and North America in the creation of an album’s worth of eery, immersive ambient music – with each artist bringing their own distinctive style and interests to the record. […]

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

HI ARC TOW presents the long-awaited return of ambient cosmonaut Khand. The Fires of Celestial Ardour consists of ten pieces of deliciously neoclassical synth-ambient that take the listener on a journey through lonesome, starlit expanses. For fans of Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, Raison D’Etre, Endura, Mortiis, Nox Arcana, Ildjarn. […]

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news
A CD digipack version of Absvrdist's new album Illusory can now be purchased by emailing […]