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Beithíoch – Dúchas makes end of year list at American Aftermath

Beithíoch‘s newest album Dúchas has made it on to reviewer BariAnn’s end of year top 22 over at American, coming in at no.17.

Check out the full list here.

Beithíoch – Dúchas download for free


The new album from Irish black metallers Beithíoch, is available now – complete and free – from “Dúchas” translates roughly to “instinct”, or “that which is native”, and is inspired by the glacier-torn landscape of Ireland’s north.

stylistically this album throws up a few surprises: much of it moves away from the droney, minimalist style of the debut album (and subsequent EP) towards a sound that has more melodic intricacies and more subtleties in the arrangements. At times this album flirts with an old school doom/death sound whilst at other moments hearkens more to early Gorgoroth, Ancient or Immortal. More importantly though, this album is a serious challenge to the staleness and mediocrity of modern metal.


Dúchas MP3 (RAR Archived)

Beithíoch’s page @ HI ARC TOW


About Creative Commons

This album is provided as a free Creative Commons licensed download by HI ARC TOW. This makes it free to download and to redistribute.

Listen to a track from the new Beithíoch album

High-quality Beithíoch streams at

Beithíoch has just launched a page at On it you can stream high quality versions of Beithíoch’s album Aisling Dhorcha and mini-album An Sealgaire. Downloads aren’t currently not active on there, but the possibility of purchasable downloads of FLACs & WAVs is being considered. Even better, click on Beithíoch’s page on this site and you’ll see Flash players for both albums, so you don’t even need to head over to the Bandcamp site to stream them.

Also, Beithíoch has updated the mix on a couple of the tracks on An Sealgaire, keeping them raw but bringing out the guitar riffs a little better. You can hear the new mixes over at or download them on Beithíoch’s page on this site.

Beithíoch interview with A Dead Spot Of Light zine

a new interview with Beithíoch can be found in the latest issue of A Dead Spot Of Light zine.

Heres a few choice cuts:

Black metal has drowned in a glut of its own clichés, what may have meant something on Immortal’s first couple of albums doesn’t mean anything anymore through sheer over-saturation.

Classical music influenced alot of the input on Aisling Dhorcha. The best albums are written like symphonies, with a sense of what overall journey the work will take you on. All of the classics by Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Ildjarn etc feel like they are designed to take you somewhere rather than just be collections of random songs.

The hardest thing has been getting some people interested in music that they’re getting for free digitally. I understand why zines especially ignore such things when it comes there way – because its usually some worthless bedroom band. But its dogmatic nonsense to not give the music a chance if it is well presented and thought out, just because it’s not on a physical format.

It’s also no secret really that most of black metal’s audience these days has grown out of illegal downloads, so
why not just bypass the pretence, save the money and plastic used on CDs and just give it to the audience

Read the Zine for free here

Diveliz Rex release Beithíoch – Aisling Dhorcha on tape

German label Diveliz Rex are releasing Beithíoch’s second album Aisling Dhorcha on tape.

From their press promo:

After the already promising debut Díolaim, Beithíoch has made a big step forward and delivers the follow-up concept Cassette album Aisling Dhorcha via DIVELIZ REX. Aisling Dhorcha consists of nine fantastic Ambient Black Metal songs with Gaelic lyrics that drag the listener back into ancient times. No long gimmicky description needed, let the music speak for itself!

Audio sample

Track listing:

01. Glór Cianaosta/”Primeval Voice”

02. An Anaithnid Dorcha/”The Dark Unknown”

03. Dornán Talaimh/”A Fistful of Earth”

04. Oíche Bhithbheo/”Immortal Night”

05. Arm Na Déithe/”Weapon of the Gods”

06. Solas Na Geallaí/”Light of the Moon”

07. Súil Bhaloir/”Balor’s Eye”

08. Athbhreith Lasánta/”Fiery Rebirth”

09. Ag Stánadh ar Shíoraíocht/”Staring at Eternity”

Available now. 3,50 EUR + shipping. Get both Aisling Dhorcha and Díolaim for 6 EUR + shipping.

All orders, trade & wholesale inquiries, hate mails go to

Musical eugenics – why free downloads make sense

Beithíoch explains why their albums are free:

Alot of zines mistrust Beithíoch because the music is free. It pays to be wary of freebies. They’re usually either crap or have a catch (or both if you’re really lucky).

Beithíoch is different. For a genre oversaturated with bands, giving away an album for free is a shrewd move for a new band. It puts you at an advantage instantly to anyone selling their demo/album – potential listeners haven’t got to weigh up whether the album will be a waste of money, nor do they have to wait very long to get ahold of it. People can be introduced to new music free, quickly and, especially important for bands who stress that an album is a complete work, properly.

Profit ofcourse is nil, short term. long term however has other prospects, if you want to take them.

You could be forgiven for thinking after Díolaim that Beithíoch were your average, no-hoper one off bedroom black metal band. Wrong. Despite the minimalist, lo-fi sound Beithíoch is a serious project. The ideas and the music are deliberate, genuine and thought out. I want this music to be measured against the greats and I want it to enhance your life as much those classics do.

There then is the other factor – nothing exposes a work more to scrutiny than to make it freely available. There are no clever marketing teams to peddle an image and theres nothing to stop people hearing the music and deciding for themselves whether its any good. The ultimate musical eugenics.

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