Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten (Irish black metal)


The new album from Beithíoch (Irish black metal) is out now and available to stream and purchase over at Ghosts of a World Long Forgotten combines the expansive atmosphere and black metal stylings of early Beithíoch releases with the considered musical arrangement showcased on 2015 album Conquest.

A few days ago No Clean Singing premiered the track The Hunter’s Invocation from the album, saying of it:

There is something about this track […] that has made it leap like a beast from the shadows and seize my imagination, as I hope it will yours — something that makes it not merely a satisfying union of black, death, and doom metal but also unusually distinctive.


from what I’ve heard of it so far, Ghosts represents a dynamic and compelling evolution in the band’s sound, even as compared to Conquest.


Listen and purchase the album at and follow Beithíoch over at