For liberals, it’s about being Greater Together. For conservatives, it’s about pulling the plug on our nation’s losers. “About 4 million Americans are born every year,” warns David Burge; “about 90k Americans graduate college with art degrees. One out of 44.” With few exceptions, our bitterly divided ideological camps speak as one on education. Up with scientists! Down with artists!


We shouldn’t be bothered that so many kids these days are artsy and think like actors. We should be bothered by the fact that we’ve guided them into a system where your talents and proclivities are frowned on unless they’re credentialized. We expect our kids to get degrees in whatever they care about most — and then to get whatever jobs those degrees qualify them for. This is a recipe for embarrassing, ridiculous case studies like the underemployed Occupy guy with the bachelor’s in puppetry.

James Poulos,

The arts get a ripping here, but they brought it on themselves: by tolerating and, worse, promoting the brain-dead, fraudulent and self-absorbed for nigh on a century. The encroaching of the academia into the arts hasn’t upped skills amongst artists so much as it has legitimised frankly worthless art and given it a monopoly on state funding.

“the strength to build is now paralyzed; the courage to make far-reaching plans is discouraged; the organizational geniuses become scarce”