New Cryosyncopy album - Funeral Void coming soon.

Cryosyncopy returns in 2019 with what is likely to be their final album. Funeral Void continues in the unique, horror/black metal inspired vein of industrial techno Cryosyncopy are known for. Sure to be a fitting swansong to the project. 

Listen to the track 'Aurora of Evil' here.

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The new EP from Beithíoch.

"The Irish Burzum in every way. Inky black like Guinness."
- Death Metal Underground

"A cavernous, lumbering monstrosity."
- Stranger Aeons

Listen and download at:

The new album from Irish black metal project Beithíoch.

"...a dynamic and compelling evolution in the band’s sound."
- No Clean Singing

"...a haunting, hellish experience that seems to permeate the mind and soul."
- Metal Trenches

Listen and download at:


Featuring Síol Na Gréine, Goatcraft, Khand & more. Available on CD and download.


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