HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation – Released now on Digipak and Download

hiarctow ambient compilation cd

The HI ARC TOW Ambient Compilation CD is out now. This release marks both the first independent physical release by HI ARC TOW and our first multi-artist collaboration. The compilation brings together artists from both Europe and North America in the creation of an album’s worth of eery, immersive ambient music – with each artist bringing their own distinctive style and interests to the record. On top of this, the album also features brand new, exclusive visual artwork by Ryan Colgan (After Death). We’re hugely proud of the effort by all of the artist’s and hope you’ll enjoy all the hardwork by everyone involved in the making of this album.

To purchase the CD Digipak or to stream the album in its entirety visit HI ARC TOW’s Bandcamp page or visit the page on this site, where you can also read more about each artist involved. Alternatively, email info[at]hiarctow.com directly to find out about getting a copy.




HI ARC TOW to release compilation of ambient music

hiarctow ambient compilation cd

HI ARC TOW are proud to announce we will be exclusively releasing a compilation of underground ambient music artists – as both a limited run of CDs and a download.

Featuring contributions from Khand, Encomiast, Goatcraft, Síol Na Gréine and many more, the album will present some of the best new atmospheric music from both Europe and North America.

The CD version will also include three new paintings by artist Ryan Colgan, created specifically for the compilation.

Keep an eye on HIARCTOW.com for more details in the coming days and weeks.

Cryosyncopy – Culmination 2: available for download

cryosyncopy culmination 2 2

Dark ambient/electro-industral project Cryosyncopy‘s new album Culmination 2 is now available to download in its entirety for free from HIARCTOW.com.

Produced once again by Síol Na Gréine, Culmination 2 follows in the paradigm of brooding, spacey, industrial ambient laid down by Culmination 1, whilst adding a more melancholy melodic sensibility to some of the quieter moments.

Download Culmination 2 HERE.

New Cryosyncopy album forthcoming

cryosyncopy culmination 2 2
Cryosyncopy has finished working on it’s next album, Culmination 2. As the title suggests, the album follows in the footsteps of the preceding album, 2013’s Culmination – a foreboding mix of electro-industrial and dark ambient. Like Culmination 1 before it, the new album is produced and features contributions by Síol Na Gréine.

As ever, the album will be released through HIARCTOW.com as a free download. Before then – preview the new album with the track ‘Q’, no ‘U’ below.

Why Listen to Metal

New article posted at Deathmetal.org

Metal music by focusing on the bigger things — and by having an often ruthlessly dark sense of humour about human frailty — reminds me of the bigger questions in life and reflects the topics I think are really worth talking about.


For me, what begins as a question of why someone would listen to Ildjarn and not The Smiths ultimately boils down to how one views the world: either to see everything as knowable and within the grasp of human understanding, if we only figure out the maths behind it; or through the metal lens – which views humans as tiny, arrogant and probably doomed. The former to me seems painfully dull and conformist, whilst the latter is dangerous but leaves plenty of possibilities open and ready to be explored.

Read More @ Deathmetal.org

Síol Na Gréine – Rúndiamhair video now online

Creative Commons music meets Creative Commons video.


Neoclassical ambient project Síol Na Gréine has a new video out for the track ‘Rúndiamhair’ (Mystery).

The video consists of a number of time-lapse sequences edited together from sources available under Creative Commons usage licenses. Together with the music they create a fascinating impression of the world we know,  revealing a mysterious and oft-missed beauty within it.


Origins of music (and metal)

From a new article posted at Deathmetal.org:

In my view, music is a cognitive hack. It taps into a number of different pre-existing ways that our brain uses to interact with and make sense of the external world, not least our inherent hard wiring for pattern recognition and the (evolutionarily useful) enjoyment of discovery, surprise and invention.


Looking at some of the most obvious descriptions we tend to attach to metal music: ‘assertive’, ‘violent’, ‘primitive’… Perhaps these descriptors aren’t really all that arbitrary or socially-defined; rather the music really does hearken back to things you could fairly associate with those descriptions.

Imagine the sounds of primates screaming at each other as they bite and tear shreds off one another, the din of battle, etc. These impressions embedded somewhere inside our psychology from generations past are brought to the forefront by metal. If rock ‘n roll is the rhythm of sex, then metal is the rhythm of battle, of running, of methodically tracking then pounding the skulls in of prey.

Read more @ Deathmetal.org

Culmination: New album from Cryosyncopy available for download


Dark electro-industral project Cryosyncopy returns with a new album for 2013.

Produced by Síol Na Gréine, Culmination syncretises all of Cryosyncopy’s work to date in an album that combines the expansive cinematic feel of their dark ambient tracks and the grimy technological misanthropy of their more beat-centric work.

Download Culmination HERE.

Cryosyncopy offers preview of new album


Sci-fi loving industrial ambient project Cryosyncopy is back and ready to release a new album. Culmination will coalesce all of the artist’s work to date in a sleek mix of sonorous, dark ambient and punishing electro industrial tracks.

Produced by and featuring contributions from Síol Na Gréine, the album will undoubtedly consist of some of the most accomplished material from the project to date.

Before then, sample the sound of the album by streaming the track Neuromantic Ceremony below.

Excerpt from Beithíoch interview at Occult Black metal zine

Food for thought:

“Many people I think instinctively regard modern civilization as a sort of sickness; a stultifying, sugary, but ultimately false experience, with too many bureaucratic rules and too little opportunity to face the wild and live or die by one’s own volition. Beithíoch is for those people who are happier with the wind in the face, dirt on their hands and cuts on their knees than benumbed in front of a tv or computer screen.”

Full interview here

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Cryosyncopy – Culmination 2: available for download

October 14, 2014

Dark ambient/electro-industral project Cryosyncopy’s new album Culmination 2 is now available to download in its entirety for free from HIARCTOW.com. Produced once again by Síol Na Gréine, Culmination 2 follows in the paradigm of brooding, spacey, industrial ambient laid down by Culmination 1, whilst adding a more melancholy melodic sensibility to some of the quieter moments. […]

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

The Fires of Celestial Ardour: Khand returns with new album

HI ARC TOW presents the long-awaited return of ambient cosmonaut Khand. The Fires of Celestial Ardour consists of ten pieces of deliciously neoclassical synth-ambient that take the listener on a journey through lonesome, starlit expanses. For fans of Tangerine Dream, Dead Can Dance, Raison D’Etre, Endura, Mortiis, Nox Arcana, Ildjarn. […]

HIARCTOW recommends: Chthe’ilist

HIARCTOW recommends: Chthe’ilist

Chthe’ilist from Québec play twisted, Lovecraftian Death Metal in the rarely reiterated style of Demilich, Adramelech and Timeghoul […]

Beithíoch – Summoning the Past, download the extended version from Bandcamp.com

Now that you’ve got your teeth stuck in to the new Beithíoch release, Summoning the Past, you can now download the mini-album in various high quality formats from the band’s bandcamp page – with an added bonus of two all new tracks (totalling a further 18 minutes of music) for 2.50 euro. Click here to visit Beithioch. […]

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news

Buy Absvrdist – Illusory digipack CD & Abhorrent news
A CD digipack version of Absvrdist's new album Illusory can now be purchased by emailing absvrdist@gmail.com […]